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Preparation Guidelines for Bedbugs

As there may be a health hazard involved during the application of the pesticide, we will require that you vacate your suite. We ask for your cooperation in carrying out the following instructions prior to the vacate time that we will provide you.

Strip linens from all beds. Put loose clothing, linens, and blankets from beds in plastic bags for washing as soon as possible in warm water. All clothes should be removed from the dresser drawers and the top of dresser. So dressers can be treated.

BED MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS must be propped up against the wall for easy access. A small cut or hole will be made in box springs and couches so it is possible to spray inside of them. The corner pieces on mattresses and/or box springs should be removed if necessary as they tend to be good hiding places for the bedbugs. ELECTRICAL SOCKET COVERS should be taken off in bedrooms and behind sofa areas (if any) in living room.

Remove all items from shelf and floor areas of clothes, linen, broom or storage closets and place in center of KITCHEN FLOOR.

Suitcases should be EMPTIED so they can be treated both inside and out.

TORN OR RIPPED MATTRESSES should be cut up and thrown away as bedbugs will live inside.

Move furniture from walls in all rooms except kitchen.

RADIATOR COVERS must be removed from wall if possible.

All pets must be taken out of the building for the time shown above. Fish tanks (if any) must have their pumps turned off and tank opening sealed with a plastic film.

On re-entry to your suite, no special clean-up is required; however, fresh linens and blankets must be used on all beds. Please refrain from vacuuming or cleaning near baseboards as you will wash away the residual spray.

Tenants must be out of suites being treated for a period of not less than 2 hours.
Where pregnancies, allergies, illness or other unusual circumstances occur, occupants must be out of the premises for a period of 24 hours. If you require medical information, please contact Poison Control Center at 1-800-332-1414. For chemical information, please contact Alberta Environment at 1-780-427-5855 or Maritme Pest Control.

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