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Heather S.

Upon finding myself with unwelcome house guests, that being mice, I immediately called Maritime Pest Control. Right from that first call, I was impressed with the great customer service I received. Kevin’s office assistant was amazing at dealing with a frantic potential client. She heard the panic in my voice and sent out someone right away. All traps were set, with no danger to my pets or grandchildren. No more mice or droppings have been seen since. I recommend Maritime Pest Control for their great customer service, and professionalism.

One very pleased customer,
Heather Smith Powder

Gary M

“Last year I hired one of Edmonton’s larger Pest Control companies to deal with carpenter ants on my property. They simply looked around, sprayed and charged me $1,000, and the ants came back. I then called Maritime Pest Control and they took the time to a visual inspection and ask many questions. This allowed them to find the nests, and treat the real problem, and for half the price of the other company. Kevin and his team are fast, reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend Maritime Pest Control to anyone to get the job done right.”

Gary M.

Meadowcroft Housing

“Meadowcroft Housing is a fifteen story complex containing over 400 suites, when pest control services are needed there is only one company we trust to solve our problem. Maritime Pest Control is just one phone call away with immediate service no matter what the time. His monthly inspections are just another part of an allready valuable service.”

Michael Crispo
Supervisor Of Maintenance, Meadowcroft Housing

The Montocello Apartments

“We have been using Maritime Pest control since we opened our new building last November of 2003. We chose Kevin and his staff because of their attention to detail and prompt response to emergencies. We dealt with Kevin in the past and came to rely on the monthly inspections and his input when we had questions regarding the security and safety of our valued tenants.

We have called other companies to compare but have found Maritime Pest Control to be the best for us as we cannot wait for service and they are excellent at getting back to us and getting the job done when required.”

Dennis & Lorraine Park,
Rental Division, The Montocello Apartments

Sacred Heart Church Of The First Peoples

“I have known Kevin Chisholm of Maritime Pest Control for about 10 years and have found him and his company to be an honest and trustworthy person. His service has always been on time and with high proficiency. He always delivers as required and is also willing to go the extra mile when the situation is needed.”

James L. Holland,
Pastor, Sacred Heart Church Of The First Peoples